• FAKTA was founded by several people who have concerns about the problems of the lives of the poor in Jakarta and the desire to build a regional government in Jakarta that is clean, participatory and transparent.

  • FAKTA was formed to become a kind of “Alternative City Council” that can always voice the interests of the city's residents who have been forgotten by the city government and its people's representatives in the DPRD.

  • FAKTA was established on May 30, 2000 and is incorporated as an Association through Notary Siti Meinar Brilianti, SH with Deed No: 1 dated July 2, 2003.


Logo Meaning

  • The red color symbolizes the urban poor.

  • The green color symbolizes the city's middle class citizens.

  • The yellow color symbolizes the government.

  • The illustration of humans holding hands symbolizes the togetherness of the poor, middle class citizens and the government in building the city of Jakarta.

  • The black color in the FAKTA writing symbolizes firmness and sincerity.